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Big Recommendation Request

I'm through with every of the following manga (or at least at the point of the current translation) and i have 4 month to be idle, so i need something good to read.

I'm not very much into shonen or sports manga, i rather read some seinen - drama, fantasy, psychological or sci-fi with epic, creepy, dark and deep stories.
If possible realitic "actions" resp. "consequences" resp. "mechanisms" are highly desired, for example with smashing ones head he really dies if he has no superpowers or something like that. (Of couse i also enjoy others)

I've read many manga and i can't be certain if i listed everything but i will list most of those that come to my mind in aphabethic order:

+++ means i really enjoyed reading them
++ see above menos "really"
# means its was a nice read when i got nothing better to read, so there's no need to recommend those kind of manga to me.
(0) means even tho' i read them and maybe liked them please don't recommend those kind of manga to me. (That does not mean i didnt like them, but i just don't want to confuse you with manga types i need no recommendation of, therefore i just post them since i've read them, so no one recommends them again)

20th Century Boys #
A Revolutionist in the Afternoon +++
Ai-Ren ++
Akira #
Akumetsu ++
Angel Heart #
Anne Freaks ++
Appleseed #
Ares ++