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Hello /a/

After watching death note, fma, excel saga, and one or two others i dont remember off of my heads top, I cannot find a good animu that would be equal in epicness to hat they were. when i say that here is an example.
my friend said i should watch bleech. i did watch a few episodes, but to me it felt like a weaboo crowd pleaser because it ripped the fighting style of dbz, it used the genaric "i need more power" stuff, and instead of using normal words to get across, they throw in generic japanese words to make it please weaboo faggots even moar. for instance, that big dude went through some traumatic moment. instead of saying something like " I'll need a good drink to forget about that one" he killed it by saying "I'll need a whole lot of SAKE (emphesized that word for no reason) to forget about that one)

so any good ones with no retarded weaboo pleasing, and no "i must get my power level to over 9000!" themes, but instead something with epic story lines and music and art.

inb4 naruto fags.

tl;dr: need good epic anime