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Hey /a/,

In the final chapter of the manga, Rin, having become increasingly unhappy with her situation at home and at school, decides to commit suicide. After, the readers are treated to an epilogue where we see the fates of the other main characters. Aoki blames Reiji both for making Rin's life difficult and for not being able to stop her from killing herself and, in his grief induced madness, murders him to avenge Rin. He spends the next 2 decades in prison. Kuro loses her mind at having lost Rin, and likewise decides to take her own life, by hanging herself. She fails, but suffers severe brain damage and spends the rest of her "life" as a barely conscious invalid. Mimi never recovers from the pain of having lost her closest, indeed her only friends. She drops out of school after elementary, runs away from home, and turns to drugs to try to escape the memories of her loss. At the age of 16 she dies in a gutter on the street after being raped and beaten after a drug sale gone bad. And so ends the series.