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As the rain began to pour heavily, despite the forecast, Kyon began to worry about Haruhi. Oh well, her apartment was only a few blocks out of the way. As he knocked on the door, he felt his heart skip a beat, what could possible bring such a violent maelstrom into this peaceful day. Haruhi answered the door, "What is it Kyon?" Her shirt was unbuttoned, held together across her breasts by her left hand, and her jeans were unzipped. She was barefooted, soaked with sweat, and looked flushed. "Are you okay Haruhi?" "Umm yea, I was just taking care of- some things." "Can I come in?" W-well, okay." As Kyon stepped into the living room, he couldn't help but notice the couch, a blank was sprawled over the arm, and Haruhi's socks, bra, and panties laid wrinkled on the coffee table.