Spike doesn't die!

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In my opinion you try to "kill" Cowboy BeBop's protagonist a little too fast.

Of course I'm going to support my rather bold thesis with sound arguments. Let's start with Spike's path leading him to the top of Red Dragon organization's building. A harmless scratch of the left cheek while entering the elevator, then a shot to the right arm, a bit above elbow. However, considering amount of blood flowing from the wounded arm, no main veins or aortas have been damaged. Some time later we also have a bit of skin torn off above the left eye. Certainly a painful wound, but a rather harmless one. Finally on the last floor, a duel with Vicious. Here it's a bit worse, but still Spike ends the battle with "only" a knife in the wounded arm and a not too deep wound on the front side of left leg (someone must have really hated left side of our space cowboy). Surely you'll agree - jokingly speaking - that "main characters" don't die from such wounds. But seriously, it's much more probable that Spike just fainted from blood loss, than that his wounds resulted in his departure from this world. Here I may also add that Spike never wanted to die in the syndicate's building. "I don't want to die. I want to see if I'm really alive" - that's what told Faye when he was saying goodbye to her. He never liked the story of the striped cat. All these facts are important, because - from what I know (I study computer science, not medicine) - the *will to live* of a person in state like this is a key factor. As another argument supporting the thesis that Nabeshin (that is, Spike) had a good chance of surviving, we can consider the events of movie "Cowboy BeBop - Knockin' on Heavens Door", in which we hear that (if we simplify a lot) Spike is partially immortal. And finally, as one of my friends said, Spike might have just laid on the stairs because he didn't feel like going further. ;)