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War never changes.

The end of the world occurred pretty much as we'd predicted. Too man humans, not enough space or resource to go around. The earth was nearly wiped clean of life, a great cleansing. Spears of nuclear fire rained from the skies, whole continents were swallowed in flames, or sank beneath the boiling oceans. Humanity was nearly extinguished, their spirits becoming part of the background radiation that blanketed the earth.

Now, heavily armed gangs of marauders rule the highways. Technologies we once took for granted, and the fuel needed to power them, are hoarded, fought over and jealously guarded. The ruined cities are the domain of tribes of cannibalistic mutants, waiting to pounce on the unwary.

Who do you want to live the white lined nightmare with?

Hard mode: The character does not have any useful skills

Insane mode: The character is not someone you want to bang.

EPIC MODE: The character is not someone you want to bang AND has no useful skills.