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Several months ago, some Anon on /a/ posted a request for detailed scans of the various company symbols from Aria (Aria Company, Orange Planet, etc). He said he was going to create bumper stickers for his car as a subtle announcement to those with high enough power levels that he was a closet weeaboo. Another Anon kindly posted the scans, and the thread soon died afterward.

After months of being occupied by other shows, I finally started Aria the Animation. I'm only six episodes in but already adore the show, so much so that I thought of using a similar tactic the previously mentioned Anon had. The show is so completely out of scope for Narutards and Bleachfags that such a subtle clue will escape them but those with enough in-the-know will get the hint.

So, /a/, what do you in general think of this? Is it a good idea, and does anyone actually have those scans of the various company symbols?