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So yeah, I'm going back over the TRAJIC PASTS in One Piece, right? I decide to finish with Nami, because Arlong Park kicked ass. So, after noticing that pretty much every other TRAJIC PAST had some dumbfuckery on the behalf of the random bystandars, I'm pleased to see that the people of the Arlong Park arc are actually FUCKING USEFUL. They aren't judging people, they aren't being dumbasses, and they ACTUALLY TRY TO BE USEFUL instead of stnding around like most dumbfucks in shonen manga.

A-OK so far, Nami comes back saying more or less "Hey, if I don't join the pirates, I'm just going to be hurting you guys. Hell, look, I can even help you out. It sucks, but I've gotta do it."

And then everything sinks back into stereotypical dumbfuckery. Nojiko going batshit made sense, becuse she's fucking eight, but then EVERYONE IN THE FUCKING VILLAGE HATES HER. Genzo gets all sorts of pissed and tells her to GTFO, not even thinking about the fact that she's FUCKING EIGHT YEARS OLD AND DOESN'T HAVE A GODDAMN CHOICE.

Seriously, what happened to the sensible villagers? Also, inb4setfail.