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I pull the cloak over, covering most of my upper face and the mark of shame in my forearm. The uniform always reminds me that we've turned into real monks. I turn the mask on. Facial features are lost, my eyelids closed. My skin turns into a dark shade of green. A white string of seemingly random characters shows up across my forehead. The shame.
The sign of anonymous left behind on meatspace, still trying to earn our way into the real hivemind. Tripfags until we can evolve.
Eyes in the back of my neck. The HUD informs me of a small pack of children walking behind me. I decide to grant them a little entertainment before today's mass. I turn towards them and smile.
They are afraid of the green, eyeless face, but that soon disappears of their small faces as I drop a small lion widget from my sleeve.
The small toy roars, its face turned into the familiar text based expression.
"It's a lion! Get in the car!" the kids exclaim in glee, chasing after it. I'm sure most of them were born after cars were phased over, but they still remember that for some reason.
I continue my walk to the small church, seeing as the lion roars at the kids for a while, before exploding into a small cloud of colored paper and candy.
A small gathering of people around the church. Far bigger than in other days. Of course, the mass has become the only source of entertainment these days, with the copyright wars and all. I walk among the unwashed masses, all of them knowing that they're not worthy of my position, or my presence. It helps to know that there are lower levels than me.
Stepping into the pulpit, I raise my voice.
"Rejoice mongrels, for Anonymous delivers!"