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The sexism in GL really bothered me. Not the fanservice, or the sexy women part. That is just part of anime and is very hard to escape.

What bothered me was the downplaying and punishing of strong women in Gurren Lagann. There were several strong women in the first arc of GL. Yoko was a tough an experienced sniper a little bit jaded by her experiences on the surface, the black siblings hunted Ganmen on foot and later Kiyal and Kiyoh became pilots, and Riete came across as confident and cool. Yet who was the most developed female? The one who was not a pilot, did not actively participate with fighting, the fairy tale princess archetype. It almost seemed like Nia becoming the main character, and Yoko being reduced to a minor character, was punishment for Yoko's earlier strength.

In the post-timeskip; Kiyoh ended up pregnant and staying home with the baby. Kiyal had no job, and was instead a babysitter. Yoko herself forsook being a fighter in favor of being a teacher, a nice traditional role for a woman. Kinon, the only one of the sisters to actually get a job was absolutely vilified in that arc, and was only painted in a positive light when she was supporting her man.