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So I just finished this series today, /a/. Holy crap, why didn't I watch this sooner? Definitely my favorite anime, topping the previous Last Exile. Its so inspiring, truly epic. The way they kept one upping the transformation and the over the type attacks reminded me alot of DBZ, but they did it in a way that wasn't as cliche. I'm not even one for mecha animes, but this one really worked for me, It wouldnt of been the same without that biological/machined mix.

The ending gave a very humble feeling compared to the rest of the series, but I suppose it was returning to its roots. I cried for Nia and Yoko (so ronrey), laughed at the Boota transformation, and grew to like Lord Genome and Viral (In the end I wonder if he ever gained Spiral power?)

But of course, favorite character, from the beginning. Pic related.

P.S. Ah Kamina.. so soon! =/