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"AGH!" cried Simon, jumping in surprise. "Gimmy, what did you do that for?"
Gimmy had, in a moment of naive youth, stuck his finger in a rather inappropriate place of Simons's after a misunderstanding.
Understandably it kind of hurt, but there was something else, another feeling it gave that forced Simon to stay under the water...what was it?
Kamina, of course, just started to laugh, making Simon fluster. Thoughts started to come to Simon, all the while thinking about the feeling. An idea formed...he could do to Kamina what Simon did to Ginny. On the outside it would be a 'Well, how do you like it!?' form of joking, but on the inside it really would be a test to see how Kamina reacted. Would he feel the same pain and pleasure? He was sure Kamina wouldn't think much of it...but what if he did?
Perhaps Simon would just get Ginny to do it again later.