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Are YOU tired of seeing people fail their butts of like this?
"Ryo Saeba is a sex crazed horndog AND manages to capture the hearts of many women.
but hey, seinen > shonen"

Are YOU tired of people putting Berserk as their favorite shonen?
Are YOU tired of people reading "shojo" like
Oh! My Goddess?

Let's make a list of common genre mistakes, once and for all, and put it up somewhere.

City Hunter: Shonen, ran in Shonen Jump (albeit in the 80s, when the rules were slacker.) Its sequel/remake runs in comic bunch, which is a seinen magazine.
Fist of the North Star: Shonen. same thing as above, but replace sequel with prequel (Fist of the Blue Sky).
Berserk: seinen. runs in YOUNG ANIMAL and has tons of sex and gore and shit.
Steel Ball Run, Beshari Gurashi, Bastard! & Vinland Saga: Initially shonen, but moved to seinen magazines.

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