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Just FYI, there's no confirmation on Shinkirou having any weaponry at all. The magazines said nothing about weaponry, and there's no obvious solution on the mech's design. People are confused because of half-assed translations about Gawain's Druid System (the keyboard he commanded the troops with) being imported into Shinkirou, and improved so that he uses it to pilot the Shinkirou as well.

The only things we know about Shinkirou for sure is:
-Zero's personal unit
-Tower class defense
-Developed by Rakshata
-Single seat
-Has Gawain's Druid System, is piloted through it
-Mask holder

My speculation: It probably attacks like a Carrier from StarCraft. I really doubt it will have any Hadrons. It seems like Rakshata can't develop them on her own for some reason, and Gawain's are in their base thing.