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This week in the big Shonen Jump three.

Bleach: The flashback ends revealing the beginnings of the exile of the Vizards. Answers some mysteries, leaves others. The chapter ends with the Vizards moving into action.

Naruto: Naruto finds out his mentor died, takes it like a whiny bitch and blames it on The Fifth. The old hermit left behind a code, which the Fifth sends to the ninja code breakers. Ten bucks says the numbers aren't a code, but pages in the hermit's naughty books.

One Piece. Luffy's rash actions continue to have consequences. An admiral is indeed assigned to take out Luffy, and is bringing an "army" that frightens the marines. The Shichibukai are all being gathered to fight white beard, and a brief alliance has been formed between three of the crazier Supernova rookies.