Anime Con's

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Anime con's are like the root of all evil. They have narutards, kingdomgays, and bleachfags gathered all in one place! It's like an occult get together with lots of gaiafags. Every con theres always a guy that says "I went to the ____ convention and i raged". Why'd you go in the first place faggot. Your probably the guy that hang out with your weaboo friends and befriended a couple of narutards there.
I have a bro who was talking on the phone with this guy about anime. The guy was talking about how good the 1st bleach movie was. My bro was telling me how much he hated weaboos and how he hates narutards. I don't understand why you would go to conventions and stuff if you don't like them. That made me realize he must be tsundere for them. Just like the /a/ who goes to cons. You guys pretend to hate narutards online then you go be friends with them in RL. Well that just means your not the true face of /a/.
True otakus sit in their rooms and have no human interaction for weeks. They make ronrey threads and baw about how much their lives suck. But deep inside we know that we didn't take the wrong path. We didn't go make some friends with some narutards cause we were lonely. We didn't go to anime conventions just cause we were ronrey. We kept it real with our internet tough guy facade online. People who pretend to hate narutards make me rage harder than narutards themeselves.