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A DVD-Rip of "Haibane Renmei", encoded by cestfait.

The original subtitles were copies of the R1 DVD subs, but every weeeaboo knows that random fans can always produce translations 100000x better than paid professional translators. In order to remedy this, I have made changes to reflect the "high quality" nature of fansubs. They are as follows:

1. Every name has "-chan" or "-san" added onto it in order to better capture the inviolable beauty that is the Japanese language.
2. Because Japanese is such a sacred language, many words simply should not be translated. To fix this, every other world is replaced with a transliterated version of the original.
3. Subtitles have "attack effects" added to make the battles more exciting.
4. An elaborated hardsubbed karaoke is added to every episode's OP and ED.
5. Re-encoded in the MKV compression format for extra quality.