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Hi /a/

Just finished watching Rozen Maiden 9Up to the second episode of Overture) and I'm curious as to how the rest of the board feels about the following questions:

Was Shinku a likable character to you?
Was Shinku meant to be a likable character?

I spent the entire of the series thinking she was totally worthless aside from plot progression, that her character held nothing of interest whereas every other doll at least had something to that distinguished them.

Suigintou lived for the purpose of revenge on Shinku, her malice and hatred making her an immersive character. Not to mention she was the underdog and had such passion ot become better than everyone else.

Hina Ichigo was playful and amusing and although whiney at times, broke from the monotony of the household and made several humorous moments of her own

SouSei Seki was silent and controlled and represented how the Alice Game affected even the strongest of bonds. Her will was also admirable and she counter balanced SuiSei Seki perfectly.

SuiSei Seki was a character that was highly amusing with her teasing of Hina Ichigo, showed such compassion and faith in her bond with SouSei Seki and had moments that were adorable and heart warming to watch.

Hell! Even Barasuishou and Kanaria had their moments (Like at the 'end' of the Alice Game for Barasuishou or Kanaria's constant 'assaults', boasts and final defence of SuiSei Seki)

But out of all that, I have not an ounce of idea as to what I should feel for Shinku.. I didn't find her immersive, likable or amusing in any shape or form. She seemed like a dead weight throughout two whole series.

Am I the only one who thought this?

Picture related, definately my favourite character from the series/