Busou Renkin Manga/Doujin?

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Hi guys,

I know this isn't /r/, but I figured I'd have better luck here since you actually know the show. I just recently watched Busou Renkin and loved it. This was the image that got me interested, and now I'm curious to find out more about it.

I'm assuming this is from a doujin since Papillon only becomes popular with the public after the series ends. Can someone give me a name or a link to it? I'd like to see more of it.

Also, did anyone else love the ending scenes where Kazuki was chasing after Tokiko trying to touch her scar? I thought that was an awesome way to end the series.

And finally, I noticed only part of the manga has been scanlated, but it cut off a few months ago. Is this because it got picked up? Are there any groups still scanlating it?