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Sup /a/
What do you think of Time Jam?
Time Jam: Valerian and Lauraline is series that has been in development for a while and will be broadcasted in France this October and also in Japan. It's based on a rather old French graphic novel which was once published in Heavy Metal magazine in the US (Heavy Metal is the mature magazine from Kevin Eastmen who is the co-creator Mirage comics and TMNT).

It follows the exploits of a Valerin who is from the future and Lauraline who is from the middle ages as they search for Earth in a future where Earth has dissapeared and they are seemingly the only humans left (getting a bit of Titan A.E. vibe here?). Valerain is a bit of ladies man and from the trailer alone you can see this show's older characters give the series a pleasant mature tone while it's not afraid to get a bit silly. As far as I can tell this show looks excellent. The animation is great, the characters are great and the plot is interesting.