ITT: Spring Season

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Soul Eater: Fucking boring as of episode 11.
Macross Frontier: Watchable, but some of the ugliest fucking art I've seen this year. Any scene that isn't mecha is just disgusting to look at.
Code Geass R2: So god damn awful to the point of being insulting. Dropped without a second thought. Fuck you Goro you hack. Worst show in years.
Real Drive: Still a good watch, but need to catch up.
Kurenai: Interest waned, 2nd half of show nowhere near as good as first.
Chiko: Good clean campy fun.
Baccano OVAs: More clean campy fun.
Kaiba: Entretaining and very interesting, not the mastepiece I would expect from Yuasa but still a notch above everyting else.