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Hahaha, my friend is a big Naruto fan and I told her yesterday I didn't like Naruto anymore, and that I stopped watching it at episode 50 (even though it started to suck a loooong time ago). She got angry at me wtf. She said "I DON'T UNDERSTAND YOU!? I mean, I tought you loved Naruto!? You used to love Kakashi and Naruto yaoi!? How the hell did this happen :S" so I told her I just wasn't interested anymore, and that naruto yaoi sucks ass and that I don't understand how she could think I liked Naruto yaoi because I never said such a thing. The worst part is that she tried to make me feel guilty: "With who am I going to talk about Naruto now? ...There is no one else other than you that likes anime (from the people we know)... I mean, you know I love talking about things I like, but now you won't be interested in listening to me anymore..." The whole time I was Rage'ing pretty hard, but I kept it inside, she is a friend after all. Anyway, after that, she gave me the silent treatment. I called her up today and she said "It's alright, I forgive you". WTF IS THERE TO FORGIVE? God damnit, fucking yaoi naruto batshit crazy fangirls.