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Although there are very few huge sci-fi anime, the story is epic indeed in its dimensions, and a huge amount of work has been done for this anime, a surprising little work has been done for:

A) The plot

The two basic characters are promoted from lieutenants to admirals in no time. Of course that way you get young heroes as main characters, but it is annoying in the extreme. All their classmates should be after their heads with such shameless promotions. There is only one candidate for the democratic elections in FPA, whose party is not democratically organized at all. The elected governing party is governed by a single person, which is also corrupted in the extreme and when there is unrest, a paramilitary organization which is secretly funded by the government, beats everyone senseless. This is not a democracy, this is Hitler's 3rd Reich in rebirth! Besides, While you sit and enjoy watching the series, secret organizations with huge potential come out of thin air (ie the Earth Sect), pull strings, change the plot (or do not change it at all, just fill the episode) and disappear, while there secret service sits idle. People behave irrationally from one moment to the next (so as to have a sub-plot good for a couple episodes) and get killed randomly with no purpose at all (as if the plot of each episode is designed throwing dice). It seems as if different ways to develop the plot battle in each episode along the star-ships.