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Hey /a/, in my quest to collect everything with Horo's likeness printed on it I have involuntarily amassed a small menagerie of other random-ass series promotional publications, etc.

I don't want this shit. I want to give it to you, but I don't know how. Can't ask for addresses here, don't want to give you guys an email address to spam, could set up a form on CGP (ClockworkGiantPandas) but it would just get spammed, etc..

What do I do, /a/? Fag it up with a contest? Sweepstakes? Play favorites with my fellow tripfags? Burn the extra shit and take pictures? Give me suggestions.

Most of the shit I have is from either light novels (like Kino) or weird-ass vidyagaem or shonen mango shoved between the pages of my imported magazines.

Also, can someone translate this better than Rikaichan? For some reason Amazon.co.jp doesn't want to sell me anything anymore: