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“MMMMMMMM” Sakura moaned as she jack-knifed off the bed.

Slowly, as not to startle her, he inserted a finger into her. Sakura started a little at the intrusion but she quickly was lost in the pleasure again.

The pleasure was intense. All thoughts were completely forgotten. All that was on her mind was Naruto and how he was playing her body like a violin.

Naruto pinched her clit as he nibbled on her left breast. Then he worked his way down her body. He stopped at her belly button to dip his tongue into the slight crevasse. He then continued farther down until he reached his true goal.

Adding another finger, he placed his mouth over her clit. Naruto then blew on it lightly which produced a shiver from Sakura. His tongue flicked out of his mouth to get his first taste of her. Finding he liked it, he sucked on it and rolled it gently between his teeth.

“NARUTO!” she screamed, coming to her first orgasm.

Panting she looked as Naruto licked her juices from his fingers. It was an erotic sight that made the coil in her stomach tighten again.

Looking down, she noticed the bulge in his pants, even if they were baggy. Deciding that it wasn’t fair for him to have to suffer.

Before Naruto could blink he was underneath a naked Sakura. Not that he minded though.