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Dear /a/, I have just made an amazing discovery. Zero no Tsukaima is actually Inuyasha, but taken from the male perspective.

Now before you fly off the handle, think about the similarities between Kagome and Inuyasha and Louise and Saito.

-Saito/Kagome from the present day are taken by strange phenomena from their own stupidity to the 1500s.
-Inuyasha and Louise were scorned around their time period.
-Louise and Kagome contain strange, untapped uberhax abilties due to their bloodline that won't appear until very late in the series.
-The females have dominant control over the males, who usually beat them out of inconvenience or jealousy. Men cannot leave due to fate and control.
-Saito and Inuyasha seem to very thick, haven't not learned what pisses of Kagome/Louise, leading to a beating.
-Despite tsundere drama and constant males and female who enter in the story, the two main characters are going to be paired up no matter what.
-Inuyasha and Louise hate their partners immediately at first, seeing them as weak.
-Girls go insane over Inuyasha due to the several pretty male characters and commonly fap over title character.
-Boys go insane over Louise and fap to her constantly, while Saito is surronded by many other women who have several other looks, features and personalites that drive men wild.