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Post in Animes that you have watched. Also what you recommend.
What i liek'd:
Kanon (fuck yeah motherfucker)
Azumanga daioh
Ichigo 100%
Lucky Star (YEAH!)
The melancholy of haruhi suzumiya
Elfen lied (i can play the Lilium on piano lulz)
Samurai champloo
Death note
Also i liked naruto and bleach at first but now when i think of them i feel ill.
I have actually watched alot more than those but there's so many that i dont actually remember everything.
So could you anon's recommend me anything? I dont like old anime cuz i dont like the drawings. Lulz. I would really love if you guys could recommend me something like lucky star , azumanga daioh , clannad or kanon. Oh and is the air any good? I watched it couple of episode's but i might watch it now since dont have anything better to do.