FUCK YEAR BLEACH! 316 "Let's stop the pendulum"

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This Translation is from Spacecat @ BA Thanks :)

Let's stop the pendulum.

A night has passed. Urahara apologises to Tessai for failing to cure them. He is met by the central 46 law enforcement, under arrest by them. Central 46 suspects that Urahara attempted to use 8 vice captain/captain level shinigami in an evil hollowification experiment. Urahara tells them that it was Aizen who did it Aizen's zanpakuto (body double is an alias). Tessai sentenced to serve in the 3rd underground prison for a forbidden technique. Urahara is sentenced to exile in the living world for eternity for the experimentation. The vizards will be dispatched as if they were hollows. When Urahara is about to object, Yoruichi shunpo's the (vizards) and the new gigai that has been being developed(to the secret training ground. Urahara asks Tessai to use Jikantenshi one more time to create a barrier, he will then create gigai's for himself, tessai, and the vizards. Urahara vows to hide himself and spend his time finding a way to get rid of the hollowification. Scene changes to Shinji and co in the current day. In the same warehouse, Shinji says that Urahara said there has been no miscalculation and that is the first miscalculation. He says that everything has come to the worst possible scenario as expected. Shinji "For real, I am indebted to Urahara.... and then Aizen also."

It finishes with someone saying "let's go" and then the Vizards leave the warehouse.