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~Shinjis Poetry Corner~

I was thrust into this world, against my own volition
Lock on and pull the trigger, let go of intuition
I wasn't given a choice, rather I didn't resist
What was I supposed to do, let the world turn to shit
I wanted to walk out but something won't let me
They were all fighting, going against destiny
I resigned to my fate, this wasn't that bad
These people here need me, I won't make them mad
My mom is always watching me she'd want it this way
I will continue to fight, I musn't run away
This life really isn't too bad, things are looking up
I have friends, a family. No more crying Ive had enough
Angels come and go it's an everyday plight.
Bardiel is my target, but theres no angel in sight.
Intsead it's another a child, forced into this just like me
Father can't be serious how cruel can he be?
I refuse to fight him. I just can't! I won't!
But as I say that this body moves own
Make it stop there's another human being inside
I can't do this anymore, I'll truly leave this time.
No one sees things my way why won't they understand
I'm just a teenager, this is a job for a grown man.
Then a glimmer of hope shone through all this despair
Someone who truly saw me someone who truly cares
But fate is more than I could truly understand
Hesitation took over as I held his life in my hand.
I had to make a final choice to run or to fight.
But I really need a rest...this is okay right?
They can all come back if they truly wish
Theres no one around, I think I'll choke this bitch.