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This board is called /a/ - Anime & Manga and I’m assuming we’re supposed to discuss different anime and manga, right? Too bad we never actually do that. All you guys do is troll 24/7 and sage anything and everything in sight. You think you’re better than everyone else and you think that your tastes are godly, but the truth is that you can’t handle opinions.
I don’t think random image dumps, “mai waifu” threads, and genderbending threads count as anime discussion. I mean sure it’s fun, and it’s something we like to do on /a/ but keep it to a limit. It’s really sad when a decent discussion thread gets pushed to page 10 because of shitty troll threads.
I guess the main reason this board is so fucked up is due to your unreasonably high standards. Is every anime supposed to be some mind blowing series that’s completely new and completely fresh? No. And hardly any of you can handle that. Seriously, guys…grow the fuck up.