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ATTENTION, /a/. PAY ATTENTION TO THIS THREAD YOU FAGGOTS. THERE IS GOING TO BE A MASS COPY OF THE TEXT I'M ABOUT TO POST. WHERE IS IT GOING? TO MOOT. moot@4chan.org (correct me if I'm wrong) /caps. Now that we have your attention: Whenever you get your lazy asses around to it, send him the following;

Alright moot, listen the fuck up. We at /a/ have always been prone to invasion due to all of the faggots who flock from /b/. Now, with /b/ on its dying breath, we fear that they are going to park their happy asses here and spread the cancer. We need mods... Or PROOF of mods. Today, there have been numerous threads that have disappeared with less than 4 posts. They didn't get page 10'd: the vanished.
We just want to know what the fuck is going on, and if there is anyway you can give us mods if they aren't already here.
Thank you,

1. Everybody floods his inbox
2. We get a reaction
3. Possible mods/janitors
4. ????

Operation: WHO WAS MOD? Is now in gear.
There is no stopping us.

Good night, and good god damn luck.