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What are you guys expecting from the Gurren-Lagann movie? Here is what we currently know:

-2 movies. Episode Gurren and Episode Lagann.
-"Reconstruction of the TV show" in every single sense. (Announcement at TAF)
-More "serious" than the TV show. (NewType Magazine)
-More than half of the first movie will be composed of new animation, the second movie will contain even more new animation.
-It's a completely different take on the events of the TV show.
-Each movie will be 120 minutes long.
-All of the dialogs will be re-recorded, Nakajima is working on a new script that follows the original story through "new eyes". (NewType Magazine)
-Same main staff of the TV show: Nakajima as writer, Imaishi as director, Ootsuka as assistant director. (NewType Magazine)
-Simon is still the main character. (NewType Magazine)
-Nia is the main female character. (Megami Magazine)