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This is not a tripfag thread.

The number of these have increased dramatically in the last weeks, and they are always filled with the same discussions, calls for forced anonymous, and dozens of tripfags crawling out the woodwork.

This is tiresome for everyone and serves no purpose. There's no point in discussing which is the worse tripfag (we all are, since we use a tripcode) or that Cirno is not coming back.

So, remember that the tripcode serves you, the regular anonymous, as a flag, a way to know that you can ignore what a poster says. A self-imposed mark of idiocy if you will. Better than having a couple dozen shonen trolls appear as a flood.

Anonymous can be taken seriously on quality of their posts alone. A tripfag must work harder to reach that level.
I guess that's all. A call to remind us that we are called tripfags, not tripfriends, for a reason. And that for that reason, we must post better, more useful posts, to compensate for the inherent faggotry.

Go on, sage for tripfag.