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Apparently most people of /a/ agrees that G13 anime sucks. But the anime series is pretty much exactly like the manga, which was both quite well known and one of the oldest still ongoing mangas there is.

Now, how did this happen? I tell you, it's because /a/ is mostly consisting of kids and NEETs(+immature old people).

If we take a look at the anime series, what does the individual eps contain? One thing is sure: It does'nt contain much powerlevels, plot or friendship bullshit, stupid ass kid protagonists, shitty nerd humour, fan service and best of all none of that cliffhangers at end of ep crap. It does'nt have animated huff huff *moe* little girls doing silly things This results that the stupid ass kids etc and most other /a/. does'nt find it appealing. Just look at the review at the "popular" anime websites, it did'nt get any high score - but it's not rock bottom either. The voicing, animation, etc is all very well made and the overall anime was well executed. For that reason, when they see it they'll think oh it's ok I guess.