The Otaku Murderer

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tl;dr: I only knew about him when the newspapers reported his execution yesterday. Faggot otaku fapping to lolis and guro...

Tsutomu Miyazaki -
A voracious sexual predator, he kidnapped girls aged between four and seven years old, molested and murdered them. In some cases he ate parts of their bodies, in others he slept next to their corpses.

Between 1988 and 1989, Miyazaki mutilated and killed four girls, ages four to seven; he then sexually molested their corpses. He drank the blood of one victim and ate her hand.[2] The crimes—which, prior to Miyazaki's apprehension and trial were classified "The Little Girl Murders", and would become known as the Tokyo/Saitama Serial Kidnapping Murders of Little Girls (東京・埼玉連続幼女誘拐殺人事件, Tōkyō Saitaima renzoku yōjo yūkai satsujin jiken?)—shocked Saitama Prefecture, which had a long-standing record of low occurrences of crimes against children.

His extraordinary appetites for pornography and manga comics gave the Japanese media its first example of a “killer geek”. Since then, it is a label that has been repeatedly applied to any murderer who appears to share those tastes – last week’s stabbing frenzy in Tokyo’s Akihabara electronics district was carried out by a man instantly branded in the public eye as a killer geek.