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Dear /a/,

I don't post here often, and I'm about to illustrate why.

I want a suggestion from you guys. Yes, a suggestion. This will automatically fire "OMG GOTTA SAGEBOMB THIS SHIT" flags in your mind, but for once, could you guys honestly give me some real suggestions without throwing a tantrum and spamming newfag accusations?

I want an anime series that is extremely... chill. I can't really describe it much better than this. Just, nothing ridiculous or over the top happens. The antithesis of shounen, kind of. Everything's just very mellow and laid-back and you can watch it intermittently without a problem. Some of you would call this "boring", I guess, but I find it pretty fun to watch. Preferably has a very strong soundtrack/voice acting -- but that's not as important as the theme itself.

The only two things that I have found to fulfill this have been Spice and Wolf and Mushishi. There has to be something else like them out there. Drop me some names. And please, no god damned Boku no Pico/Battletoads/Bible Black/variations thereof. Please.