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Tons of people in the industry have been coming out with their own personal experiences in the manga industry ever since Raiku Makoto announced that lawsuit with Shogakukan.

Many seem to have experience with having the original copies of their manuscripts getting lost by the editorial team, and many also comment on how cheaply Raiku is being paid on a per page basis in contrast to how popular Konjiki no Gash is. (he probably makes a fortune from the tankoubon royalties, but it doesn’t make sense to be paid much less per page than an unpopular author)

Shinjo Mayu (Kaikan Phrase author) talks about her experience working on Shoujo Comic, another magazine that is being run by Shogakukan. She says she worked long hours with little sleep everyday in order to keep up with the pace that is demanded of her by the magazine, and even after staying with the same magazine for 13 years, she was told by the chief editor that her serialization would be cancelled and she would be moved to another magazine when she wanted to change the direction of her manga.

The new magazine that she was asked to move to also wanted her to continue drawing manga that was in the same fashion as before instead of what she wanted to do. So she decided to leave Shogakukan, but when she did, they threatened to make all her books go out of print. (They didn’t in the end)

She also makes a second post where she makes a killer pass saying that she’s leaving the rest to Kumeta.