The Alpha male

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Alpha male does not equate to asshole. You've read too much nice guy copypasta whining. There are three kinds of males. The difference is in how much confidence they have in themselves, and how that affects their lives.

The nice guy. Needy little guys who have little to no self confidence. They dream on and on about the perfect girl, and how he'll treat her right, etc. Usually bitter and distant because after a while, he'll start to see girls as whores and sluts who only want to date/fuck assholes (they don't recognize alpha males as another class. To nice guys, everyone who is not them is classified as an asshole). Usually refuses to change himself, would rather bitch and moan about everyone else instead.

The asshole. Some confidence. Gets girls because he can convey his confidence to girls, not because he is a dick. He's not an alpha male because he feels the need to belittle others to prove to everyone how much of a badass he is all the time. He requires the external approval of others in order to be happy.

Alpha male. Epitome of self confidence. Gets all the girls because he radiates strenght and security. He doesn't need to prove anything to anyone, because _he_ is happy with who he is, and that is what matters to him. The result of this is that he is not an asshole because he has no need to prove his status all the time, but he still gets more pussy in a week than most guys in a lifetime. Envy is what makes nice guys think of this