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Dear /a/, looking for a new anime to watch, i would preffer it being rather long (40 episodes + or something) having a like.. full scaled storyline. Kind of hard to explain.. but for example bleach fits in here, seeing as its the story about ichigo and how he progresses and obviously leads him diffferent places, even though there are different story arcs. Black lagoon does not fit in here that much though, seeing as apart from the first episode, they could kind of have happend in any given order. (it's also pretty short i guess, i still liked it alot though)

So far i have seen Bleach, Naruto/shippuuden. Prince of tennis, Black lagoon Hellsing and elfen lied(sorry for watching some of the mainstream stuff that im sure all you think is garbage, i still liked all of this though.) So anyway, what do i watch /a/? Prefer it to be some sort of action adventure kind of show, not drama/comedy or whatever.