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Hitou Nami is done, quick preview:
I'm an “Image Therapist”. I take these people and, for a small fee, help them convince the world (and themselves) that they are not as normal as they seem to be. Of course, nothing I can do can actually make them abnormal, but denial is quite a strong emotion. And strong emotions yield strong profits. Shrinks have called me nothing more than a scam artist -- well, by some definitions, they'd be right. I certainly don't have a psych degree; hell, I dropped out of college two months in. But these people leave my office happier than they arrived, convinced that they are not nearly as boringly average as they actually are. That's what they pay for. I'm pretty sure therapists do the same thing, and charge considerably more than I. You don't need to spend years in med school to convince people who want to be convinced. Honestly, I think they're just pissed that I'm taking their customers from them.

So, now that you know my background, you can understand why it is that there's a girl in my office on the verge of tears, demanding to be made less normal.

Hope you all enjoy.