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Hello /a/,

Watching English subbed anime, I became curious about how /a/nons hear Japanese voice actors' dubs. Do their voices sound the same as those in your first languages? Do you think there are people who speak your first language and have voices similar to Japanese voice actors?

I know what I'm saying may not make much sense to monolinguals, but I heard that if you master another language having completely different phonetics, you'll find voices of the new language sound different from what you've been hearing before. It's like your brain ignores part of phonemes that don't belong to the languages you speak.

Probably anime characters you've met in subs speak in your first language while you're fantasizing about them or talking with them in a dream. Maybe you feel as if voice actors are speaking English while you're reading subs.

Those "feel" of characters' voices may change if you learn Japanese. Don't you think this is interesting? I think voices in anime play a very important role. Otherwise there wouldn't be a lot of praise and complaints about castings.

What do you think, /a/?