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/a/, it occurs to me that I have few friends. I had a few, but I gradually lost touch with them over the years.

As a result, I want to make new, nerdy friends here at merry university. (DISCLAIMER: I am not Canadian.) The problem is, I have been out of the friend-making business for almost a decade now, and I am not sure exactly how to go about making nerdy friends who share my mostly-weeaboo interests but aren't immature Narutards. (The immaturity angle bothers me far more than the Narutard angle. It has dawned on me over the years that most American weeaboos these days are significantly younger than me [I'm 23, approaching the upper limit of the typical age bracket, IMO], and their tastes in anime/manga are mostly a function of their younger age and younger sensibilities -- which I'm really not sure I can deal with. I get the feeling that the generation gap would be too intense to deal with in many cases.)

Is there a way, /a/, to seek out weeaboo or similarly nerdy companionship-fellows whose general sensibilities and life experiences more closely mirror mine? Are all weeaboo clubs a den of immaturity and pettiness that no rational nerd should attempt to engage? Where have /a/nons with friend-making goals similar to mine found success? How should I attempt to engage such people?

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