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Why do Japan hate these "hard worker" type characters so much?

They are the sort of people who put 110% into everything they can do whether it's fighting, love, whatever. But they never acheive shit. They never beat the faggots with gifts/talents/bloodlines, they never get the guy/girl, all their work usually just helps out the other faggots a little bit when they fuck up.

I'm using Rock Lee as an example because all of us have seen some of Naruto and I hate it too. Lee vs Gaara was the only fight I thought was kickass. I dropped it soon after cause shit sucks, but I'm betting to this day he hasn't beaten anyone really important.

Another character like this is Kallen from Code Gayass. She busted her ass to get her skills and even has a kickass mech, but she will never ever beat people like Li/Suzaku, she is the most loyal to Zero but gets treated like shit and not trusted (starting to change, then lol captured) and she is probably the most devoted to Lelouch but she won't be the LI.

Do people like seeing "hard workers" fail so much? Frankly it pisses me off. Is this just another part of their fucked up culture, "if your not part of good japanese bloodline you don't deserve shit" or something like that?