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alright /a/, lets be creative, and make a story


1. you may not kill off the main character (in other words, the current character in focus)

2. you may switch the main character, and once switched to a different main character, the old main character is allowed to be killed

3. you cannot switch back to a previously used main character, nor can you bring a dead back to life unless a character with the power to do so appears.

4. the format is in Third person: omniscient
eg "he walked into a building, he felt sad, little did he know that a giant rat was comming to rape him"

5. you must post a picture whenever you contribute to the story, and the picture must be relevant to what you write. if you wish to make comments, do so without a picture

6. please keep the characters used anime only, or in the very least, relative to japanese animation (so touhou for example would be allowed)

7. you must link your post to the post you are following on from.

that said, i will begin

"in the beginning, there was god"