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Look at that fucking smile, /a/.

At first you didn't know. Just like everyone else at Ashford, you thought it was Lelouch. Hell, you even wanted to think that Rollo was making everyone think he was Lelouch, despite the fact that his Geass would soon lose its effect on you, switching from Lelouch to Rollo. Even so, to think that Sayoko was it, to think that this womanly body could be hidden so well. Lelouch was always feminine, but once you touched her, you knew.

You know you want to feel her mouth suck on your cock. A glorious exchange will take place: you will give her your semen, and in return she will give you the same happiness she has an infinite amount of. You will want to get angry at her, believe that she's being a slut in order to keep you quiet, but the happiness will nullify that feeling, place you in a euphoria that only a severe overdose on Refrain could've earned you.

It will happen so quick. You will realize that you need her. That you'll do anything to keep her like this. To keep her impersonating Lelouch. Your thoughts will conflict each other: you could try assassinating him once he returned. After all, it'd be hard for him to so easily play into the romance that you and she had undergone for so long after his departure. You know about his Geass, and you'd be well prepared to avoid contact so that he couldn't make you become an hero, or worse, forget about your relationship with her. And what about her?

You could never hurt her, and killing Lelouch...well, you might as well kill her too. But you have to find a way, and you will.

You can't lose her, /a/.

You need her.