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Why are the Japanese in Geass portrayed as the world's EFG's?

The people are ridiculously stubborn and live in ghettos. They're uneducated, poor and untidy bootlickers who do nothing but bow their heads to Britannia. Even those who rebel do so with short-sighted, temporary objectives that usually involve their deaths and have no long-term effect on the Britannian occupation.

Among the rebels, everyone's an idiot and the Japanese are outwitted at every turn. The Black Knights would be nothing without Zero leading them, like in the Black Rebellion they would be outmanuevered and outwitted by the Britannians. The top pilots in Geass are all portrayed as anything but Japanese; usually they're Britannian, but even people like Xiang-Ke can be great pilots. The Japanese are also portrayed as inept when it comes to mechanics; not only do they lose when they have the technological advantage, they can't apply their training to new scenarios, even if they're Lelouch's vanguard. The Knightmare engineering? Made in India, lol.