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~Treizes' Poetry Corner~

My dear friends I had a dream not so long past
A glorious dream that would die all too fast
A dream to end all dreams and set our race apart
That the world would acknowledge a warriors heart
But alas my dream did not come to fruition
There was only one answer...revolution
Corruption and cowardice had thwarted my plans
"There is no place for a doll on the battlefield of man"
I was cast out and caged, but I dreamt still.
Then along came a Heero to carry on my will.
I waited and watched as chaos ensued
The White Fangs roar would signal my debut
A grand battle would occur on the final frontier
Myself on one end, against a friend I held dear
As the chorus of war of rang out across eternity
I knew that this life had nothing left to offer me
My dream was realized at last my friends
But I had one more task before my dream could end
I thrust my body and soul upon the dragons lance
And swiftly departed, the ultimate romance.
I believed in honor, chivalry; they alone fueled my drive
I hope you'll remember me when I was alive.