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>Nobuhiro Watsuki's profile of Kenji in the Secret Lives of Characters states that Watsuki would like to write another story about how Kenji learns to imitate Hiten Mitsurugi Ryu moves just by hearing about them. While Kenshin remarks to his young son in the chapter Kenji will one day inherit the sakabatō after Yahiko, Watsuki reveals in this spinoff story, Kenji would have to fight Myōjin Shin'ya, the son of Yahiko and Sanjō Tsubame, for the right to inherit sakabatō after Yahiko himself. It also states that Kenji would grow up to be "more twisted than Saitō and more egomaniacal than Shishio". Watsuki finishes the profile by saying that although he would like to write such a story, it is unlikely that he will ever do so.

Who would read this?