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The sun was shining as Ash reached the town of Vermillion.It had been years since he had returned to the city, haunted by the memories of his almost fatal cruise on the SS Anne. But all the training and travelling had taken its toll and he needed a much needed vacation.

It had also been a while since Ash had seen Misty. He had remained in touch but ever since she returned to her hometown of Cerulean to maintain its gym, he hadn't found time to drop by and say hello. So when Ash won a week stay in the one of Vermilion's fabulous resorts in a pokemon tournament, he decided to invite Misty and Brock for a reunion.

Memories of his victory over Lt. Surge filled his mind as he passed the Vermilion Gym, the day that solidified him as a legitimate trainer. He was almost tempted to give Surge a rematch but he had sworn off battling for the week.