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/a/, hey, /a/, I had a wondrous dream last night!

So I only had about 8 hours of sleep this weekend, and today I slept in for about 12. Sometime in my slumber was a dream. I was walking down a hallway, and suddenly out of a pair of rooms stand Yue and Patchy, staring at each other in their similarity. I pause and inch forwards. They suddenly start talking inaudibly, and I wonder even more. Then they suddenly take off their clothes and compare each other. They keep talking, then they press up against me and try to see whose chest is flatter. I fall down with them, and needless to say, I'm getting hard. Patchy takes note of this and says (audibly, suddenly) "I guess he must like this kind of thing I'll let you have him, I'll go watch for others." Then, in silent agreement, Patchy stands up and walks away, and Yue takes off my pants and starts softly nabbing at my cock. I swear, I can feel it, a soft dabble at the very tip, yet she still looks as uninterested as ever.

Suddenly, I wake up and realize it was all a dream. I can't stand it, and start fapping to the thought of it. As it turns out, that was part of the dream too, as I awoke at 11 with no recollection of the event.